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35 Non-Phone Work-from-Home Jobs to Fit Your Schedule

35 Non-Phone Work-from-Home Jobs to Fit Your Schedule


non phone jobsnon phone jobs

If you are looking for non-phone work-from-home jobs, then this post is for you.

Let us face it; though there are many flexible jobs out there, you cannot do most of them.


Because half of them require you to use a phone. That means you need a quieter environment and it’s hard to find non-phone jobs.

What does that mean? It means that most moms cannot go for these jobs. With kids at home, it is nearly  impossible to find a quiet place or find the time.

It is quite a challenge, especially for stay-at-home moms to find at-home jobs or money-making side gigs that can be done flexibly around kids.

I know your pain; I am a work-at-home mom with two kids at home.

This should not deter you from looking for work-at-home jobs; there are loads of online jobs available that don’t require a phone.

Today, I am curating a list of online jobs/gigs that don’t necessarily need a phone. Though most of them need you to be on the computer and sometimes use a particular workspace, it is much easier and more doable than talking over the phone with kids around.

Please check the websites to see if the companies are currently hiring.

35 Non-Phone Work-from-Home Jobs

#1. Chat Agents

Chat agents are particularly in-demand now, and many companies are hiring for this position. You need not be on the phone, but you will have to be a relatively good typist with a pleasant demeanor for this job as this role involves interacting with customers/clients online.

Companies that hire chat agents:

Recommended reading:

#2. Transcription

Transcription is a very rewarding career and also a flexible at-home job. There is an excellent chance that you can make enough money from transcription roles.

There is no phone required as this role involves just typing as you listen to audio files. Therefore, your typing speed matters a lot.

Companies hiring transcribers online:


#3. Writing

Freelance writing is an in-demand career as more and more online content is required by brands and businesses. Sometimes experience is necessary to get paid well, but most of the time, you can start off as a beginner in this field. There are many websites that accept freelance writers and pay per article or post.

If you do want to bump up your income from freelance writing, then have a look at Holly’s EarnMoreWriting course. She is one writer who makes $200,000/year. She definitely knows the tips and tricks of the trade.

Recommended reading:

#4. Search Engine Evaluation

I come across many people who ask me about search engine evaluation, which is one of the most popular online jobs. Search engine evaluation is simply rating search engine results to make the user experience better.

Sometimes the roles might be called something different like social media evaluator or internet assessor. The basic job description is to rate the results, and this does not require any technical knowledge; anyone can do it. The work is entirely online.  

The four major companies that offer this role are:

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#5. Moderation

There are many jobs like these around, and they don’t require much experience. Moderating is just filtering through forum/social media comments and communicating with the forum members. These roles might not pay much, but the flexibility is great.

You can look for moderating jobs at places like:

#6. Virtual Assistant

I have not seen an online job as in demand as virtual assisting. A virtual assistant is a person who does an all-around job of managing all the facets of a business remotely. Virtual assistants handle many tasks like maintaining websites, answering emails, doing administrative tasks, and more.

Please keep in mind that there may be some phone-related tasks in virtual assisting, but not all projects are the same.

You can get VA gigs in places like:

Recommended review to read:

Freelancing websites:

#7. Data Entry

Data entry jobs are the most sought-after jobs on the web, but they are also the ones that are most targeted for scams. Though there are many scams on the internet, you can still find real legitimate typing jobs. Remember that they might not be high-paying ones, but they make a good side gig.

Websites offering typing roles:

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#8. Proofreading

Proofreading is a job that might be more suitable for someone who is good with grammar, language skills, and also excellent at pointing out errors. This role might require some experience in some cases, but you can start as a beginner, and it does not involve any talking over a phone.

The websites that can have proofreading jobs include:

#9. Tutoring

Online teaching is also an excellent option if you are looking for non-phone jobs. There are many legitimate online tutoring websites that accept tutors in various subjects and also conversational English.

Online tutoring sites offering tutoring jobs:

Recommended reading:

#10. Microtasks

Microtasks are small gigs that can range from data annotation to just basic typing. These tasks are just extra cash earners and might not make much.

Websites offering Microtasks:

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#11. Technical Customer Service

Technical customer service is obviously more on the technical side, but nevertheless, it does not involve using a phone most of the time. These roles include assisting clients by troubleshooting their issues. You should have some experience with troubleshooting technical problems.

Companies offering technical customer service roles:

Recommended reading:

#12. Editing

Editing is as popular as proofreading. This job is flexible, and you need to have proper grammar and spelling skills for this role. There is no shortage of editing roles.

Freelancing sites:

Websites that have editing jobs:

Recommended review to read:

#13. Translation

You would need to have expertise in another language for translation positions. Translation can be an excellent non-phone option for you if you are multilingual. You should have a good command of the language you are translating.

Websites offering translation roles:

Recommended reading:

#14. Medical Coding

Medical coding is another flexible non-phone job that does not require a phone. Medical coders are the ones who convert health services into codes for billing purposes. They usually work in the billing section of hospitals.

You would need a background check and a certification for this role. In some cases, experience also helps.

Companies offering work-at-home medical coding roles:

#15. Bookkeeping

Remote accounting/bookkeeping jobs are not very easy to find, but they are available with some selected companies. They do require a relevant qualification and possibly some experience. They are non-phone jobs.

Companies offering work-at-home bookkeeping roles:

Recommended reading:

#16. Social Media Management

Social media management is another up-and-coming job category that comes with a lot of flexibility. It might sometimes require some phone interaction, but mostly it is an online job. If you are good at social media management and have excellent networking skills, then you should consider this role.

Freelancing sites:

Recommended reading:

#17. Website Testing

Website testing can be another side income earner for you if you are not looking to use a phone. Though the work might not be available all the time, you can get paid around $10 for about 20 minutes of looking around and speaking out your opinions about the website you are testing.

Companies offering website testing roles:

Recommended review to read:

That’s a big list of stay-at-home jobs. Some of them might make good money; some might be a side income earner or just for extra money. Nevertheless, these jobs do not require any phone interaction and can be quite flexible.

Non-phone jobs are great for flexibility

Though the jobs mentioned above do not need a phone, sometimes there might be a requirement for a separate workspace or more technical equipment; for example, for transcription jobs you might need a foot pedal and headphones.

Go over the list and see what fits your schedule and start applying.

If you are looking for scam-free jobs, then there is no better place than FlexJobs. This is the most authentic job board that lists remote jobs from all over the world. The jobs are thoroughly researched and totally legit.

Recommended reading:

For further opportunities, you can visit Indeed or my Job Board.

Are there any more non-phone work-at-home jobs available online? Please share in the comments.SaveSaveSave

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