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AD PRO Session: Kitchen Trend Report 2024

AD PRO Session: Kitchen Trend Report 2024


AD PRO Sessions connect members with industry leaders to answer your hard-pressed questions in a real-time Q&A format. AD PRO members can register below for the AD PRO Kitchen Trend Report session, hosted virtually on June 25 at 1:00 pm ET in partnership with Cosentino.

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What features and functions define the dream kitchen today? We’re turning to the experts of good taste to find out. Get a closer look at envelope-pushing kitchens from the pages of AD as industry pros reveal the cooking, dining, and entertaining essentials elevating the heart of the home in this AD PRO Session. We’re putting the spotlight on the room’s workhorse, the kitchen island, too. Designers share their tips for balancing aesthetics and function when designing this crucial kitchen furnishing and reveal what island amenities are all the rage—sourdough drawers and charging areas, anyone?

Join AD PRO senior editor Lila Allen as she sits down with AD100 interior designers John Gachot, of Gachot Studios, and Shawn Henderson, as well as AD PRO Directory designer Hema Persad, of Sagrada Studio, for the 2024 Kitchen Trend Report session, a one-hour virtual panel presented by Cosentino.

Ready to grill some of the industry’s best on all things related to the hub of the home? Save your spot for the virtual event, which is open exclusively to AD PRO members.

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Hema Persad, of Sagrada Studio

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John Gachot, of Gachot Studios

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