Amazon Prime Day 2024: the best tech deals under $50

Amazon Prime Day has officially arrived, bringing with it an abundance of deals spanning all price points and categories. And while many of the steepest discounts in the world of tech are reserved for premium noise-canceling headphones and TVs, there are still plenty of budget-friendly gadgets and gizmos on sale for those looking to pick […]

There’s finally a retro PC emulator on the App Store

The retro PC game emulator UTM SE is now available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Apple Vision Pro, marking the first time Apple has allowed a PC emulator for iOS onto its marketplace, per The Verge. UTM SE will let you run classic PC games, but you’ll first need to either download […]

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rockets are grounded after an in-flight failure

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket experienced an engine failure after it launched late Thursday night from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The mission, Starlink Group 9-3, was carrying Starlink satellites and failed to reignite its upper second stage after developing a leak. “Upper stage restart to raise perigee resulted in an engine RUD for […]

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 stores will close up shop on July 29

Get ready to feel old and/or cluttered, depending on how many consoles are hooked up to your game room TV right now. The Xbox 360 Store and Marketplace are coming to a close later this month. Microsoft announced this last year and put an official end date of July 29, according to its official FAQ […]

Amazon Prime Day 2024: best early deals on streaming devices, Kindles, and other tech

Amazon’s Prime Day 2024 is now right around the corner, taking place on Tuesday, July 16th, and Wednesday, July 17th. Fortunately, if you’re looking to get a leg up on deals ahead of the upcoming sales event, Amazon has already begun rolling out steep discounts on several of its own devices, including TVs, ebook readers, […]

Volunteers who lived in NASA’s Mars simulation for over a year will finally emerge today

After 378 days inside a mock Mars habitat, the four volunteers for NASA’s yearlong simulation of a stay on the red planet are coming home. The crew — Kelly Haston, Anca Selariu, Ross Brockwell and Nathan Jones — is scheduled to exit the 3D-printed habitat in Houston this evening. You can watch the livestream of […]

Google might fix its fingerprint scanner woes with the Pixel 9

Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 lineup will reportedly feature a faster, more reliable ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, according to Android Authority. It would replace the optical under-display fingerprint sensor that Google introduced on the Pixel 6 with the newer technology that’s capable of reading even wet or oily fingerprints. The switch could also address some of the […]

Meta is changing its policy for the most-moderated word on its platforms

Meta is changing a long-running policy regarding the Arabic word “shaheed,” which has been described as the most-moderated word on the company’s apps. The company said in to the Oversight Board that use of the word alone would no longer result in a post’s removal. The Oversight Board had the company for a “blanket ban” […]

The best mechanical keyboards of 2024

Editor’s note: Amazon Prime Day is set for July 16th and 17th. If you’re looking to shop ahead of the two-day event, however, be sure to check out our guide to the best early Prime Day deals. It’s hard to beat the tactility, durability, or good looks of a mechanical keyboard, but there are a […]

FCC chair asks telecoms companies to prove they’re actually trying to stop political AI robocalls

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel to nine major telecom companies, including AT&T and Comcast, to ask if they’re actually doing anything about AI political robocalls. AI-generated voices are getting pretty good at mimicking humans and we’ve already seen this technology in action, when an audio deepfake urged voters to . “We know that AI technologies will […]