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How Hospitality Businesses Use Technology to Boost Sales at the Counter

For any hospitality business, leveraging sales is vital. It is a highly competitive sector with high overheads. So to make a profit this type of business has to operate extremely efficiently, sell as much as possible to each customer. While at the same time making them feel so well served that they can’t wait to […]

Startups thrive post-recession, draw venture capital interest

Recent market analyses indicate a considerable rebound in startup valuations, as industry figureheads such as IVP’s Tom Loverro suggest the end of the market downturn. Indeed, startups surviving the 2022 recession now focus on growth rather than cash conservation and seem to have rekindled venture capitalist interest. Various sectors, including AI, robotics, and green energy, […]

15 Most Profitable Hobbies that Can Earn Money

  Most everyone has a hobby that they love. Which is great because hobbies are important. They allow us to enjoy ourselves, use our creativity, pursue passions, and provide stress relief. However, many people do not realize how easy it can be to turn their hobby into a profitable venture. Even if it is just […]

6 Daily Routines to Help Founders/Leaders Stay in Top Mental Health

The lives of founders are often hectic and challenging, but no matter how easy it may seem on paper to simply slow down, it’s not always feasible in reality.  Running a business comes with a range of responsibilities. For many entrepreneurs, it’s all too easy to become obsessed with work and growing a company.  Instead […]

Photographer Ash Fox Built a Successful Business as a Proposal Specialist

From NFL stars to royals, Ash Fox found success helping men and women plan one of the most important milestones in their lives, asking their partner to marry them!  Starting out as a photographer in the rock n’ roll club scene,  she never imagined creating dream engagements would be her life path. Since becoming a […]

Deloitte Technology Fast 500 | Get more visibility for your business!

The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 is a leading technology innovation awards program in North America (United States and Canada), combining technological advancement, entrepreneurship, and resilience. Fast 500 companies—large, small, public, and private—are leaders in hardware, software, telecom, semiconductors, life sciences, fintech, and energy tech. What is the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Program? The Technology Fast […]

5 Pervasive Myths About Email Marketing That (If Believed) Could Derail Your Business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. With new social platforms emerging every year, many entrepreneurs wonder if they should leave email behind and look ahead to new avenues. Did you know that email is still the second biggest marketing channel for startups, right behind social media? That’s right! It’s all thanks to its […]

A Leader’s Guide to Fostering Flexibility

By Adam Povlitz   Adaptive thinking, innovation, and an agile mindset are not just buzzwords. In today’s dynamic business environment, they’re the keys to unlocking leadership success. To stay ahead, organizations must embrace change and promote a culture of innovation. This requires a mindset of adaptive thinking and accepting an open-minded, curious, and risk-tolerant approach. […]

From popcorn sales to garden games: Lodge’s million-dollar venture

Jason Lodge, the former popcorn salesman turned entrepreneur, now heads SCORE NN’, a million-dollar venture specializing in garden games sold on platforms like Amazon and Scheels. Predicted to see a threefold growth according to current sales tendencies, Lodge’s path from popcorn sales during his Cub Scouts years to garden games marketing is a testament to […]

5 LinkedIn Marketing Goals to Propel Your Business

  When we talk about social media for businesses, many entrepreneurs often veer towards Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. But there’s a hidden gem many miss: LinkedIn. This platform is a goldmine of opportunity just waiting to happen. Forget the stuffy online resumes and endless job postings. Setting clear LinkedIn marketing goals can transform this […]