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Currently servicing a gaming client program.

The Arise® Platform is amazing because of the flexibility it provides. The opportunities on the platform allow me the free time to study as well as earn revenue. Servicing also keeps me connected to the gaming community which I’m very fond of.

One night when I was servicing, someone reached out because they were facing a serious issue with the game they were playing. They were unable to progress on the game that they loved, so they were very frustrated and disappointed. After I finished troubleshooting and providing solutions, the customer responded with a very generous note of thanks and a positive survey. They shared that Service Partners like me make such a difference in the gaming community. As a gamer from a young age myself, I’ve faced similar challenges – going to customer support and having your issues resolved seamlessly gives you such joy. I was excited and proud to offer the same experience to someone else.

I would recommend the Arise® Platform to others for its flexibility, the opportunities it provides, the games we get to work with, and the great support resources. I would recommend the Arise® Platform to anyone looking for the best gig work in the world.

Quick Q&A with Digvijay: 

  1. How did you first hear about the Arise® Platform? It was basically a coincidence – I had just finished my last semester in school, and a senior who was in my department told me about the Arise® Platform. When I learned that there were customer support opportunities in the gaming industry, it felt like a dream come true because I have been interested in gaming since I was young. I got that referral and that’s how I began my journey on the Arise® Platform.
  1. How has your use of the Arise® Platform improved your life? The Arise® Platform has made amazing improvements in my life. It’s helped me with my communication skills – during certification, and I have been able to work through challenging situations in support, emails, etc. – it has made me better at communications and talking to people. In the online community that I’m in, I meet people and notice that I’m better at communicating.

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