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Hubflo: An AI-powered Client Portal For Service Businesses

Hubflo: An AI-powered Client Portal For Service Businesses


Client portals are a great way to improve communication and collaboration between businesses and their clients. They provide a central location for clients to access important information, such as project files, invoices, and communication threads.

Hubflo takes this a step further by using AI to automate tasks and personalize the client experience. Hubflo is an AI-powered client portal designed to streamline communication and improve collaboration between service businesses and their clients.

Build a stunning portal with AI in 60s and customize it with 10+ built-in tools (File sharing, Contracts, Approvals, Client Messaging, Tasks, Billing, etc.) and integrate 500+ external tools.

How Hubflo helps businesses and their clients:

  • Increased client satisfaction: Hubflo can help to improve client satisfaction by providing a centralized location for clients to access all of the information they need about their projects, including project timelines, files, and communication.
  • Reduced emails and calls: Hubflo can help to reduce the number of emails and calls that businesses need to field from clients by providing a self-service portal where clients can find the answers to their questions.
  • Faster onboarding: Hubflo can help to streamline the onboarding process for new clients by providing them with a central location to access all of the information they need to get started.
  • Improved project delivery: Hubflo can help to improve project delivery by providing a platform for businesses and clients to collaborate on projects.

Hubflo is a promising client portal solution for service businesses. Its AI-powered features can help your business save time and improve client satisfaction.

More than 20k businesses, clients, and contractors already collaborate on Hubflo.

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