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Prosper to Wealth Explained. Does it Truly Work?

Prosper to Wealth Explained. Does it Truly Work?


You may have seen some sort of advertisement online for a way to make money online pretty easily and that took you to the Prosper to Wealth page.

On this page, I’m going to explain what I learned about this opportunity and help you decide if it’s for you. For me personally, it is not.

Here’s a short update on Prosper to Wealth:

Prosper to Wealth went through some changes since I first covered it, so I’ll give you both sides to this and also leave the original review (below) as well. So here’s what you need to know:

1) Originally Prosper to Wealth promoted a 4 package high ticket program to you. The name of that program was not known which I found very strange and worrying.

Brenden, it’s creator was an affiliate for that program and overall, I like the guy and do believe you can earn from his promotion by joining under him, but a no name promotion, with other things I list below in the original post explain why I wasn’t getting it.

2) Now here’s the second update: Prosper to Wealth still features Brenden talking about succeeding online, but this time around links people to a questionnaire asking about things like income, what you’d like to make, your credit score and in the end has you register for a call with an opportunity (might be the same one as in the original version).

While I do not know if it’s the same as the original (again, that original one had no name), I’m assuming that call might lead to high ticket costs to join and try it.

I still stand by the idea that you can make money from this, but the whole secretive elements in whatever is being promoted is the biggest “I’m not really sure about this” behind my position not to try it. I also provide further information and detail on what I did find below in the original post so you’re welcome to read that as I do find it relevant.

That being said, I have an overall opinion and that is this:

prosper to wealth second option

This is also a promotion I have on my site, but as objectively as I can say it: It’s free to try and I personally think even if I didn’t promote it, it would still be a very good choice for anyone. And if you want to see more of my recommendations, some of which I have no affiliation with, but still recommend, check out that link.

Quick report on Prosper to Wealth (the original version):

prosper to wealth review

Name: Prosper to Wealth.

Creator: Brenden or Coach Brenden.

Price: To join whatever program Prosper to Wealth is promoting to you can cost up to $15,000+.

Final Rating: 3 out of 10 stars


There are a lot of claims Prosper to Wealth’s Brenden make that need to be clarified because when you examine the full context, you may conclude like I did that this program has risks to consider before joining.

For me, I did not buy into the program because even considering it’s all legitimate, I still stick to less expensive programs to teach me stuff about succeeding online (Wealthy Affiliate).

Prosper to Wealth explained (full explanation):

First, let’s talk about what’s in it for Brenden:

There’s a bit of unpacking necessary to fully understand all that is “behind” Prosper to Wealth because in reality, Brenden and this “program” are trying to get you to enter a “network marketing” program and it’s a very expensive one (very high ticket program).

When you join this program, whatever you invested, Brenden will likely make a big commission of that investment and will receive a paycheck from the network marketing company (or whatever type of company it is).

Now, let’s talk about what’s in it for you (how you can make money with this program):

First of all, in my opinion, I do think you can make money with this program.

But on the other hand, in my opinion your odds of success with it may be low if you’re unfamiliar with how to market this opportunity online and I’ll explain why that is the case further on.

But theoretically (best case scenario that is), you make money with this network marketing company by promoting it pretty much how Brenden does. What I mean is:

  • You’ll make your own promotion of how you’re making money with this “amazing system”.
  • You’ll probably run ads and link people to the same sales page you joined from.
  • You’ll try to get as many people as possible to see that page and pay the money to also sign up through you.
  • They will send their money in (again best case scenario) and you’ll make about 50% from each sale.

In other words, consider the video you watch with Brenden’s testimonial, then consider how you’ll basically be making a video of yourself saying the same kinds of things. And if you do make money with this program, then sure, it’s all good.

3 reasons why it can be tough to make money with this program if you’re new:

1) The whole goal is to get this promotion out to as many people as possible. If you have no clue how to get traffic to this opportunity, then you’re already behind the few people who are making money with this program.

However: From what I saw, you are provided with the opportunity to buy traffic/leads and people to funnel into this network marketing company, but that is going to cost more money (and more risk potentially). But at the same time it may be one of the only ways to get sales for this opportunity though (if you’re not experienced on how to do it yourself that is). I certainly hope the training in this program teaches you the right way to do this.

2) Second, you have to rely on the trust that this opportunity is legitimately going to send you money if you make the sale. And to be honest, being that I did see this network marketing company being promoted by different people, I assume it does legitimately send you money.

3) Third (and this is important), believe it or not, on the sales page I originally saw, there was no mention of the actual network marketing company name. This is very important to note because if I’m going to get involved with this (and it’s not cheap to join), the first thing I’d like to know is what exactly the name of the program is.

Out of all of these concerns, the 3rd one is the one which makes me most reluctant.

Let’s go back to Prosper to Wealth’s claims now that we have more context:

This is coming from watching Brenden talk about this opportunity.

First, I noticed he never mentions what it’s actually called (why not just tell me what this company is?).

Second, Brenden talks about struggling before he found this network marketing company and they do it all for you. This is technically true because you “just send” people to the page where they call up the number and the sales people do that part instead of you. The truly difficult part in my opinion is getting (or buying) visitors to see that page to buy.

Third, this network marketing opportunity is being sold as a solution to people struggling to succeed at making money. Again, with the exception of minority of cases, there is a possibility that you can make money with it, but what is assuredly guaranteed is that you’ll first have to pay a lot to try this (and most importantly, that you are never going to be guaranteed this works).

Final Rating: Prosper to Wealth

3 stars (out of 10)

Yellow flag

3 out of 10 stars. I’m not going to get into a rant, but I will say that even though you could generate an income from this network marketing opportunity, in my opinion, the 3 reasons I mentioned above make this a tough program to recommend for me. And in my opinion, a program like Wealthy Affiliate would be better (or the other recommended programs I mentioned earlier).

My final thoughts:

Any sort of critical thinking in my opinion on this or any other opportunity is necessary and with this one in particular, in the first version of this, it was promoting high ticket stuff and in the current second one, in my opinion will be promoting it (the questionnaire leads me to believe this).

There’s few people who will actually make good money from this (and to be fair with any opportunity), but overall, this method itself is in my opinion risky, not just because of how money is made (and how much is needed to get started), but for how many more questions I have about what the name of this network marketing program really is.

prosper to wealth disclaimer

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