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Work from Home Jobs you can do this Summer

Work from Home Jobs you can do this Summer


Work from Home this SummerDid you know there are a lot of companies now hiring people to work from home this Summer?  These jobs are in high demand requiring you to work for a few weeks and/or on a part-time basis.  If you are looking for extra money this Summer and have access to a smartphone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection, you can apply for some of these jobs today.

Make sure you read over all the job requirements, duties, and equipment needed to ensure greater success in getting the job.  Some companies may require a simple test or evaluation to determine if you can handle all the tasks and assignments.  If you follow all the instructions and take your time, you will receive a good score.

This post may contain affiliate links but I only recommend sites that I have personally researched, trust or use.

If need fast cash, and don’t want to work from home or need extra income, check out and join some of these easy cash sites below.

Response Evaluator

Appen has a 6-8 week project for remote workers to read a prompt and evaluate 2 model responses to each to refine and improve AI algorithms.  You will judge each answer and rate the responses based on predetermined criteria.  This job will take you about 5 minutes to evaluate each model response.  Qualified candidates must be fluent in English, have access to a PC or laptop, have a strong work ethic, and work at least 25 hours or more each week.  This job pays $22 per hour.  No prior experience is required.

Surge Team Customer Care

Direct Interactions has a temporary job for individuals to provide support to those affected by natural disasters.  You will provide resources and essential services to help individuals and families get back to a place of normalcy.  As soon as a disaster occurs, you must be able to work within 24 hours.  You must have good verbal skills, grammar, and empathy with strong problem-solving, data entry, and listening skills.  This job pays $15 per hour with paid training.  You must be able to start work immediately and commit to at least 20 hours a week.  Those who are fluent in Spanish and English can apply here.


Preply is looking for tutors to help students all over the world learn various languages, school and university subjects, hobbies, art, etc.  You can teach without having prior teaching experience or certification working whenever you want.  You will need outstanding communication skills and enjoy sharing knowledge with others.  You will get paid $15 to $25 per hour plus commission.  Teach anytime, anywhere.

English Annotator

DataForce is currently looking for remote annotators for a 4-week project to use a web tool and guidelines to annotate videos taken in a fast food chain.  You will also time-stamp the videos and identify events in the meal preparation process.  This company is looking for people with experience annotating images, a computer with reliable internet, and who can work at least 15 hours a week.  You can pick your hours but you must be able to start immediately.

Geo Data Evaluator

Telus International has an ongoing freelance project that involves completing research and evaluation tasks to compare data, categorize photos and videos, and determine the accuracy of the information provided.  All candidates must have a Gmail account, can make calls, and have good business phone etiquette, with a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.  Depending on the availability of tasks, you will work from 10 up to 30 hours each week.  Hourly pay.

Data Contributors

Clickworker is looking for people to complete tasks and assignments that involve AI training, voice recordings, evaluations, web searches, and more.  It is open worldwide with timely weekly payments.  Assignments can be completed whenever you want for as long as you want.  Computers, laptops, and smartphones are allowed.

Search Quality Raters

RWS has multiple openings in various states for web-savvy individuals to play a crucial part in enhancing AI data to improve online search engine results for clients and users.  You must have excellent online research skills, a strong understanding of pop culture, a smartphone, or computer, English fluency, excellent online research skills, can work 10 to 25 hours a week (working your hours), and have an interest in AI.  Pays $15 per hour.  This job will last until March 2025 with a likely extension.

American Girl Direct Service Associate

American Girl has a seasonal job for remote workers to assist with quality monitoring of customer interactions and data entry.  You will also take customer calls, respond to emails, and complete other administrative tasks.  Interested individuals must possess good communication and time management skills, can handle difficult situations, and have 1 year of direct service experience.  This is a seasonal work from home job.

Media Search Analyst

Telus International also has another job for freelance English-speaking Media Search Analysts to work on a long-term project improving Siri Music App, Video App Store, and HomePod experiences.  You will complete research and evaluation tasks for music, video, and Apple products.  You must be familiar with Apple products, have an up-to-date Apple ID, have a keen interest in internet research, and pay attention to detail.  You are allowed to work on your own time whenever you want.


ModSquad needs remote workers to make a buzz on social media.  This may involve you moderating forums, chatting with customers, managing communities, and on social media.  You must have a desktop or laptop with reliable internet, and a mobile phone with a private, secure, noiseless environment at home.  This is a global opportunity allowing you to work anytime.  

Virtual Assistants

Fancy Hands is looking for people to assist thousands of users who need help with making phone calls, scheduling appointments, finding hotels, tracking down the best prices, and other related duties.  All Assistants must have strong communication skills, a computer with reliable internet, and be self-starters.  You can define your hours.  Pays per task every Tuesday!

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